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BridgeClimb Sydney - School Excursions
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The perfect excursion outing to experience an Australian icon in the context of our nation’s contemporary history.

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The Rocks, NSW, 2000

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BridgeClimb Sydney has developed a customised excursion product for Stage 4 Year 7–8 Science students, centred on the topic areas of Forces, Expansion/Contraction and Corrosion, as per the Physical and Chemical World sections of the curriculum (CW4).

 Excursion Inclusions:

  • 30-minute session in our private cinema featuring a ten minute clip on the key subject area (includes animations and interviews shot on the Bridge showcasing the theory taking place in real life)
  • 2-3 hours climb on the Bridge with our professional climb leaders with customised commentary focused around the key subject areas
  • 30-minute de-brief session in the cinema where students complete an Activity Sheet
  • Additional take away activities for the classroom

Content Covered:


  • We define Tension (T) and Compression (C) and relate it to the context of bridge design
  • We explain the various points of (T) and (C) on the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • We explore bridge design and how it is used to control (T) and (C), with various designs covered, including beam, cable stayed and single span arch bridges


  • We look at metal in the context of corrosion and we explore the impact of oxygen and moisture on metal in creating corrosion, or rust
  • We explore how and where rust in happening on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the measurements undertaken to control or limit this corrosion
  • We showcase some innovations that are taking place on the Bridge to control corrosion

Contraction and Expansion

  • We explore the impact of heat in creating energy and its impact on a particles’ movement
  • We look at how engineers have allowed for contraction and expansion on the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • We explain the impacts that contraction and expansion has on the bridge

Climb options:

Various climb times are available and range from 2.25 - 3.5 hours.