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Made By Many Hands

Three Sisters
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In the hands of Kip Williams and Andrew Upton, Chekhov's masterpiece is a aching beautiful, exquisitely layered time-lapse of time passing.

6 November to 16 December
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Pier 4, Hickson Road,
Walsh Bay, NSW, 2000

What if you could start life over again, knowing what you do now? What if it were all a rough draft waiting to be rewritten?

Anton Chekhov wrote Three Sisters during the earliest rumblings of the Russian Revolution. Living at the turn of a new century, his characters are adrift in uncertain times – holding on to memories of the past, grasping at hopes for the future.

In a remote Russian town, three sisters yearn for Moscow. They dream of freedom, sex, work and romance. Like the migrating birds above them, they long to be elsewhere. Exquisitely layered in its characters and imagery, Three Sisters is a bittersweet time-lapse of life passing. A work full of Chekhov’s acute observations, his playfulness and love of surprise. In short, a masterpiece.