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Meet the Artists
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We're celebrating art, and would like to introduce some of the artists who we are lucky to have at the markets.

Contact us on (02) 9240 8717 to find out which artists are at The Rocks Markets this week.

Playfair Street, George Street, Jack Mundey Place,
The Rocks, NSW, 2000

Discover more about the lives and works of artists at The Rocks Markets.


Ronnie Arts

Ronnie Arts mission is to create exclusive products that will enhance any décor. It is dedicated to challenging frontiers of art and design to deliver original, unique pieces to consumers all over the world. 

Meet Karyn


Malou Zuidema Illustrations

Malou Zuidema’s quirky and colourful handmade illustrations are guaranteed to give you a giggle.

Meet Malou



Full-time Sydney artists Alison MacMillan Ashley and Allan Ashley draw on their local environment and life experiences for inspiration, as well as some incredible images from their extensive travels.

Meet The Ashley's


VickiE Liu

Vickie Liu, a Sydney-based artist, creates paintings and watercolour illustrations for her art store, Studio KaKa. Her subjects range from native flora and fauna to the weird, wacky and wonderful.  

Meet Vicki Liu


Sarah lee

Rachel specialises in capturing the character and beauty of Australia's native birds and animals.

Meet Sarah Lee


Rachel Hollis

Rachel specialises in capturing the character and beauty of Australia's native birds and animals.

Meet Rachel


Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray uses watercolour and ink to create highly detailed and precise compositions, which often feature uplifting, nostalgic or sentimental themes.

Meet Stephanie


Dtai Hansathit

Experience the unique art of talented young Thai artist Dtai Hansathit, who explores mood, atmosphere and people across landscapes, cityscapes and sports.

Meet Dtai


Paula Church

Find out more about Paula's highly detailed work, her training and experience and some historic commissions.

Meet Paula


Ping Lian Yeak

Discover the extraordinary work of autistic savant artist Ping Lian Yeak—a prodigy by age 11 with his own personal art gallery by age 15.

Meet Ping