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Walking The Rocks app
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Take a walk through the past and uncover the unique history of The Rocks with the Walking The Rocks mobile app.

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The Rocks, NSW, 2000

Walking the waterfront tour

There is a place where you can relax, unwind and take your time to discover it all. Where you can draw in the fresh harbour air and savour stories of a past so intriguing, it will never be forgotten. The Rocks is that place. Made by many hands, it’s a place with abundant stories to tell and a rich legacy to share. 

Now you can uncover the unique heritage heart of Sydney with an app that takes you on a self-guided walking tour of nooks, pathways and cobbled streets to reveal fascinating facts about The Rocks. Sydney Cove and The Rocks have been pivotal in the development of the Australian nation for more than 200 years, and for thousands of years before that, the Gadigal people utilised the fresh water of local streams and the abundant seafood found in Sydney Harbour.

Every place has a story to tell, even the very spot you’re standing on now. The 'Walking The Rocks' app will take you through it, from the earliest days of the first settlement when The Rocks was home to merchants, warehouses, and wharfing, to the scenic and lively place it is today.

This app also lets you explore so much more:

  • navigate The Rocks waterfront using contemporary or historic map views and discover the nearest point of interest
  • augmented reality allows you to see how the place looked in the past
  • visual and audio prompts help you discover nearby points of interest
  • listen to or read stories about what happened in the past, on the spot you’re standing today
  • view your current position within historical paintings and photographs to show where you would have been standing when these images were created. 

Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.


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