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Los Fridos

George Street, The Rocks

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Open everyday 

Weekdays 11am-7pm 
Weekends 11am-late 

Map, showing Los Fridos

Introducing Sydneysiders to authentic Mexican cuisine Los Fridos, curated by premium Mexican food purveyor, Diego Luna.

Discover the authentic flavours of Mexico at Los Fridos. Helmed by the talented Diego Lugo, a Mexican restauranteur and importer of food products from his homeland, the menu is a vibrant mosaic where each dish tells a story of Mexican tradition with a contemporary twist

Los Fridos will serve dishes including chilaquiles (fried corn tortilla pieces covered with salsa, cheese and coriander), flautas (crispy tacos filled with meat or chicken served with salsa and salad), and tamales, a traditional dish of masa (corn dough) filled with meat or vegetables then wrapped in plantain leaves. And don’t miss their truly authentic Mexican cacao…on The Rocks!