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Cocktails at The Doss House

Cocktails at The Doss House

Visit The Doss House after viewing the amazing lights of Vivid festival, get cozy while sampling their series of Vivid Sydney $20 cocktails and hot drinks including Hot Chocolate & Spiced Rum.

Cocktail list:

Plumdog Millionaire Starward wine cask, plum infused vermouth, benedictine, peychauds, star anise, bitters. Created by their bartender Laura Campbell.

Baked Apple Sour 78 degrees gin, baked apples, fresh lemon, caramel, bitters, cinnamon. Created by their bartender Emine Burke.

Skye Toddy 30mls Drambuie, 20mls Jim Beam Rye, 20mls lemon, a dash of sugar, warm earl grey tea, garnished with a burnt cinnamon quill & orange zest.

Islay Beyond the Field Jose Cuervo blanco, Ardbeg 10, Aperol, Strawberries, Lemon juice, Sugar, Bitters. Created by their bartender Lyndon Hachey.

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