28 Nov 2019

Find the perfect cool kid Christmas gift at The Rocks

Find something special for the youngest members of the family with these unique Christmas gift ideas for kids.
Find the perfect cool kid Christmas gift at The Rocks
There really is nothing better than the look of a joy on a kid’s face when they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning. Get them something extra special this year with one (or more!) of these unique gift ideas - they’re sure to make you even more popular than Santa.


Head to Arthur Ave for award-winning, eco-friendly, vintage-inspired designer clothing for children. Designed and made with careful attention to detail, their range is a bold, vibrant and modern take on vintage flair.  Arthur Ave prides itself on being eco-friendly and completely carbon neutral, to give our kids the gift of a brither future.


Check out Hunting Hue for something a little different: Draw-On Swimwear (DOS). Let kids be the masters of their designs by creating totally unique swimwear pieces that reflect their own creativity. DOS was born out of the idea to explore a blank canvas from a child’s perspective, using the creative process to produce one-of-a-kind wearable art. All swimwear comes in a recyclable cardboard bucket and 7 special DOS waterproof markers. It has special quick dry water repellent component, so kids can wear their swimwear all day long.


Creative kids can enjoy a dream come true with a Christmas gift from the Museum of Contemporary Art. There’s handmade, perfectly painted wood blocks and wooden toys, like a colourful version of an iconic Sydney Ferry, complete with eight wooden passenger toys, two uniformed sailors, and wheels on the bottom for pushing and chug-chug-chugging. There’s also funky air clay jewellery kits, planter kits for seeds to grow at home, cool and challenging Cubebot puzzles, and all kinds or paints, textas, markers and more. Plus, an unbelievable range of beautiful kids’ story books, catering to all ages.


Discover a carefully curated collection of artisanal wares at The Rocks Christmas Markets, perfectly planned for Christmas shopping. Find gorgeous gifts for little ones at Cornfield Baby, with a beautiful range of organic cotton babywear exclusively designed in Australia. Their Australian Outback Collection takes inspiration from native flora and fauna, the perfect gift for an Aussie Christmas. Pop over to With My Boy for unique matching clothes and accessories for mums and sons. From pop art prints and fun florals to simply sophisticated neutrals, With My Boy’s designs bring a sense of playful joy to dressing your boy, designed and handcrafted in Sydney. Head to Ollie & Mia for handmade ‘quiet books’ - soft baby books that offer hands-on experience in recognizing shapes, buttoning, snapping, braiding, and distinguishing textures. Babies can ‘read’ independently and without words, by learning to open different kinds of fasteners, how to tie bow knots, put laces through holes.