09 Sep 2021

Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Kids Edition

We have created a selection of puzzles just for the kids to keep them entertained and remind them about what they love (and miss) about The Rocks. The best part is there's no missing pieces and easy to clean up. Win win!
Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Kids Edition

How to play

  1. Click on the picture of the 15-piece puzzle you want to do.
  2. Click OK to start.
  3. 15 pieces too tricky or easy for you? Click the grid button before pressing OK to choose how many pieces you want the puzzle to be made of:Puzzle.JPG
  4. Have fun!

Scoffing a cupcake from Baker's Oven



Getting your face painted at The Rocks Markets


Indulging in a chocolate feast at Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe



Learning the tricks of the trade at Circus Workshops on George Street.


Enjoying the free games at First Fleet Park with family and friends.


Eating Funny Face Pancakes at Pancakes on The Rocks


Visiting The Rocks Discovery Museum and learning about Australia's important history.


Watching the team at Sticky make their famous candy.


Watching the world go by at Hickson Road Reserve.