Studio KaKa Art
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Studio KaKa Art

Beautiful artworks inspired by Australian florals, landscapes and animals.

Vickie Liu is the artist behind Studio KaKa Art. She is a Sydney-based artist known for her vibrant Australian floral paintings and watercolour illustrations. The name of the brand was inspired by her Chinese childhood name, KaKa, and the time in her life where she spent countless hours drawing and creating. 

Inspired by botanicals, animals and city landscapes, Vickie spends her time painting outdoors on location and in her home studio creating her beautifully detailed artwork. Painting from life and being surrounded by nature helps her connect with the subjects she paints. Her background in design and training as an architect means she gets quite excited about the smallest details of a place or thing. 

Her artworks are available as archival art prints, greeting cards and unique Australiana gifts such as floral tea towels.