$10 flat rate parking in The Rocks

Don't rush back to top the meter. You can now park in The Rocks for a $10 flat rate!
Planning a day trip to The Rocks? You can now get a flat rate of $10 on Saturdays and Sundays for the Quay West Car Park, 111 Harrington Street and Clock Tower, 55 Harrington Street.

Bookings are required in advance online, so head to the Wilson Parking website and add the promo code 'ROCKS MARKETS' while completing your payment.

Further instructions:
  1. Go to Wilson Parking website
  2. Select: NSW and either ‘Clock Tower’ or ‘Quay West’ car parks
  3. Enter Date (Weekend only) and entry & exit times
  4. Enter Promo Code 'ROCKS MARKETS'
  5. Enjoy your time spent in The Rocks!
For more information on parking in The Rocks, click here.
$10 flat rate parking in The Rocks

Valid Dates
Weekend only