103 George Street
The Rocks
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10am - 5pm Mon - Fri

10am - 4pm Sat

11am - 3pm Sun
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Quality outdoor and activewear for the adventurous at heart.

Adventures don’t discriminate and neither does Kathmandu. The range of outdoor gear, clothing and equipment caters for everyone from first timers to intrepid explorers.

Their products are renowned for their quality, reliability, ingenuity and versatility. They’ll keep you comfortable and safe, giving you the confidence to head out and explore.

Kathmandu is all about inspiring adventure and encouraging freedom, so come see what the store has to offer.


105 George Street, Sydney, The Rocks

105 George street has been used for a variety of purposes throughout its last 150 years.

In its initial phase,the building was used for a mix of retail purposes, including as a clothier and a general store. By 1879, it had become a restaurant and in the 1880s became a pub. By 1896 the site was being used as a grocer’s and it continued in this use until 1920. It continued to be used for commercial/retail uses throughout the 1930s including by a confectioner and a dressmaker. Throughout this period of use the upper floor appears generally to have been sued as a residence, with a separate entrance, and for short periods was used as a second commercial tenancy. Commercial use continued into the 1980s, including a period of use as an architect’s office from the early‐1970s until the reconstruction after its complete demolition in 1985 due to structural instability.