Pop on The Rocks

Pop on The Rocks

4 Atherden Street
The Rocks
Opening Hours
10am - 3pm Sat - Sun
Map, showing Pop on The Rocks

A heart-warming gallery and store that brighten lives through Pop Art.

Fall in love with Pop on The Rocks, a vibrant art gallery and store featuring the art of Chiat Kwan Lau (Ness).

Originally from Singapore, Ness continued his artistic journey in Australia. Eventually his large and vibrant portfolio of pop art arrived here in The Rocks. His gallery vision is to brighten lives through pop art, and support those who need it most. 

A percentage of the sales are donated to charities the artist is passionate about, including Beyond Blue, The McGrath Foundation, The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, RSPCA, Give Kids the World and WWF.

Avery Terrace - 4 Atherden Street, The Rocks, NSW, 2000

Looking from George Street down towards Atherden Street you can see 6 Terrace houses constructed in the 1870’s and 1880’s.

Towering above the cliff is another block of buildings; the concrete Sirius Apartments which were built to re-house the residents of The Rocks who were displaced in the 1970’s. Following the “Green Ban” actions of the 1970s, local residents persuaded the Government to construct this building for their use. They then vacated their homes in the numerous terrace houses of The Rocks which subsequently became shops and businesses. The style of the Sirius Apartments today evokes strong opinions as to their aesthetic appearance. Nevertheless, they are a monument to “people power” and the efforts of a community that had long lived in the area to remain here. Each of those apartments has superb views over the harbour.