A cinematic view of The Rocks

Live Stream

See what The Rocks and Sydney Harbour looks like this very second

Revel in our real-time window spanning the stunning Sydney Harbour and Sydney’s most iconic cultural destination.

The Rocks is a contrasting fusion of elements, unlike anywhere else in Sydney.

Walk along our narrow, cobbled laneways and streets and experience first-hand, modern art amidst colonial aging sandstone and on-trend restaurants, pubs and bars behind worn facades, boutique clothing brands in old butcher shops and simple cafes sharing sidewalks with world-class hotels.

There’s a surprise around every corner and a journey back in time that’s easy to imagine. Settled in 1788 and recognised as Sydney’s birthplace, the area was already a favourite location for local indigenous people, and every generation since has added to the precinct’s unique historical character and village atmosphere.

There’s genuine character, one that cannot be replicated or easily imitated. That’s the charm of The Rocks and discovering its hidden beauty yourself is just as alluring.

Tune in on New Year's Eve to watch the midnight fireworks display on the harbour or book a front row seat at one of our fabulous restaurants and rooftop bars in The Rocks.


This webcam is courtesy of The Sebel Quay West suites Sydney.

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