Vincent Buret

Enlightened Reflections

Vincent Buret is a Sydney-based designer focused on communicating ideas through form and material with simplicity and poetic expression.
Enlightened Reflections

About Vincent Buret

Vincent Buret is a Sydney-based designer focused on minimalist aesthetics, simplicity in shapes, new technologies and durability. Fascinated by contemporary design, Buret develops unique designs originating between the fine line of functionality and aesthetics. He uses only Australian materials and only works with local manufacturers.

Artist Statement - Enlightened Reflections, 2021, Greenway Lane

An interplay of mirrored triangles and colours in a historical back lane. The Rocks is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Australia and has a strong historical identity in Sydney. On the land of the Gadi clan, The Rocks / Tallawoladah has been witness to Eora nation peoples, convicts, soldiers and sailors to today’s wanderers and international visitors. Enlightened Reflections is an interplay of mirrored triangles and colours framing the entry to a laneway that marks the distinct character of this area. This light sculpture reflects onto all the passers-by of this space. Shaped and formed within the archway and lane, it invites the viewer to become the centre of it and to start their own narrative.

In the daytime, the multitude of triangles creates a faceted environment with an infinity mirror effect. At night, the colour shifting lights take over the darkness, revealing the installation as a centre point to the area. Mirrors break boundaries, transform the limits of space, reveal more perspective, and immerse the viewer inside the installation.

Lights radiate from behind the mirrors to show a full spectrum of colours. Triangles are a humble geometrical shape that have unlimited variations and have myriads of hidden meanings.

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