National Reconciliation Week
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National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation week is a chance for all Australians to explore our country’s history and fascinating cultures while considering how we can all contribute to reconciliation together.
27 May 2021
03 Jun 2021

When the First Fleet arrived in Australia over two centuries ago, the country was declared ‘empty’ and claimed for Great Britain. Following that declaration, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people suffered many injustices. 

Centuries later, Reconciliation Week is a chance for all Australians to explore First Nations culture, find out more about the Aborignal experience and consider what we can all do to reconcile our nation’s past. 

To get involved, check out our guide to free local Indigenous history tours, enjoying First Nations-inspired cuisine and shopping the work of Aboriginal makers and creatives. 

Introducing Reconciliation

Find out more about what reconciliation means in the words of Karen Mundine, chief executive officer of Reconciliation Australia.

Salt Mother: A Poem by Bruce Pascoe
Bruce Pascoe is a writer with Yuin, Bunurong and Tasmanian heritage who is on a mission to recover the First People’s traditional foods. His poem ‘Salt Mother’ speaks to his connection with the land and his struggle to preserve its essence.
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Aunty Barbara McGrady Exhibition
Warriors, activists, Elders, dancers. Let Aunty Barbara McGrady guide you through the true experiences of First Nation people.
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Free Indigenous Tours
Free local Indigenous tours in The Rocks will give you a chance to learn about the Gadigal people's culture first hand, as well as exploring ‘first contact’ and the impact that colonization had on First Nations people Fri 28 May and Tues 1 June 10am – 12 noon book at or call 02 9240 8552.
Pony Dining
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are renowned for their frequent and skilful use of fire - in cooking, keeping warm and controlling their environments. Pony Dining knows a thing or two about fire too, using it to add a touch of flavour to every single dish on their menu. Try their kangaroo tartare with artichoke chips and pepper sauce.
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The Australian Heritage Hotel
Try traditional indigenous meats like kangaroo and crocodile prepared in a non-traditional way on Aussie pizzas at the iconic Australian Heritage Hotel in The Rocks. May we recommend a nice Aussie craft beer to wash it all down with?
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The Doss House
In a subterranean heritage space just off George Street, you’ll find The Doss House, one of Sydney’s leading whiskey bars. Grab a dram and try their Native Platter, which includes kangaroo prosciutto, wild boar salami, blue cheddar, bush chutney and native fruits & nuts.
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MCA Store
The store in Australia’s leading contemporary art gallery has an extensive collection of inspiring books, art, homewares and crafts by First Nations creatives. Our favourite is the Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous Australia, a unique tool for exploring and understanding the lives of First Peoples.
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Gannon House
If you want a unique piece of First Nations art, visit the Gannon House Gallery. This gallery shows a huge range of traditional and contemporary First Nations art from communities in the Northern Territory, Central and Western Deserts and Arnhem Land, with a focus on ethical purchasing and providing a connection to the Creator.
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Spirit Gallery
Over tens of thousands of years, Aborignal and Torres Strait Islander people developed countless intriguing, beautiful art forms. Explore the works of local creatives and grab a gift at Sydney’s premier location for Aboriginal arts and crafts, including one of the world’s largest didgeridoo collections.
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Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour from expert guides who will tell the real history of the Gadigal Aboriginal people.