National Reconciliation Week
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National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation week is a chance for all Australians to explore our country’s history and fascinating cultures while considering how we can all contribute to reconciliation together.
27 May 2021
03 Jun 2021

When the First Fleet arrived in Australia over two centuries ago, the country was declared ‘empty’ and claimed for Great Britain. Following that declaration, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people suffered many injustices. 

Centuries later, Reconciliation Week is a chance for all Australians to explore First Nations culture, find out more about the Aborignal experience and consider what we can all do to reconcile our nation’s past. 

To get involved, check out our guide to free local Indigenous history tours, enjoying First Nations-inspired cuisine and shopping the work of Aboriginal makers and creatives. 

Introducing Reconciliation

Find out more about what reconciliation means in the words of Karen Mundine, chief executive officer of Reconciliation Australia.

Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour from expert guides who will tell the real history of the Gadigal Aboriginal people.