The Rocks Tipple Trail
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The Rocks Tipple Trail

When spring sprung in The Rocks, it offered the ideal time to explore what was on offer in Sydney.
10 Sep 2020
27 Sep 2020

At The Rocks, there is no doubt we’re total cocktail connoisseurs. We have some of the very best mixologists in all of Sydney and they have created the most delectable, most extravagant cocktails they could imagine. All in the hopes of sparking your imagination, boosting your mood  and enticing you to welcome in the delightful new season with a friend or family.

This new 18-tipple cocktail collection is currently pouring for a very limited time in a dozen of the local best Rocks bars, including The Doss House, The Argyle and Sergeant Lok.

Lamington Twist | The Doss House
The Doss House knows what they’re about when it comes to fine beverages and their Cocktail Hour creation is no exception. The 'Lamington Twist' is like a lamington, only in a glass and with booze. What’s not to like? Available Wed - Sun.
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Luna Park | Pony Dining
Did you visit Luna Park as a kid and grab a big fluffy stick of fairy floss? Pony Dining’s 'Luna Park' cocktail will have you feeling nostalgic, with vodka, passionfruit syrup and cranberry juice topped with fairy floss. Available Thu - Sun.
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Viva Vovo | The Orient Hotel
The Orient Hotel have created the Viva-Vovo, keeping the king of bikkys alive, with Bacardi No.8 rum, Midori, Banana liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice, passionfruit, bitters and a pina colada foam & iced vovo on top. Available daily.
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Pavlova at the Rocks & Vegemite Negroni (!?) | Caminetto
The bartenders at Caminetto Restaurant are a highly creative bunch. They’ve created a 'Vegemite Negroni' featuring Tanqueray gin, Campari, Cinzano Rosso, a vegemite infusion syrup and orange peel garnish - and somehow it’s absolutely delicious. They’ve also concocted the a delightful 'Pavlova at the Rocks' with Vicker's citrus gin, DOM Benedictine, egg white, simple syrup, lime, vanilla extract, passionfruit and a blueberry garnish. Available 12pm - 8.30pm Thu - Sun.
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Never Say Never | Sergeant Lok
Sergeant Lok has created a delicious cocktail especially for The Rocks Tipple Trail. The 'Never Say Never' with gin, tonic, seaweed and a kumquat garnish. Available Thu - Sun.
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Spiced Sicilian Spritz | The Mercantile Hotel
The Mercantile will make you a cocktail you can’t refuse - the 'Spiced Sicilian Spritz'. This refreshing long tipple features Sicilian lemon gin, ginger ale, and prosecco. Guaranteed to leave you bubbling for more. Available Thu - Sun.
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The Glenmore - Rainbow Serpent
The 'Rainbow Serpent' may be the coolest ever name for a cocktail, and we’re happy to confirm the drink itself is just as brilliant. This kaleidoscopic creation features grapefruit infused Aussie gin, Limoncello from Manly, fresh pink grapefruit juice and bright red dragonfruit-infused vermouth. Available daily.
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Four special one-off cocktails | The Push
Do the bartenders at The Push ever sleep? The hardworking team have created four cocktails for The Rocks Tipple Trail. That includes 'Mary Zu' with Jinzu gin, lemon, rosemary, cucumber and flowers, the delicate 'Rosy' with Tanqueray 10, rose syrup & rose petals and the 'Peachy Keen' with vodka, peach, lavender & soda. But our favourite is the 'Myrtles Swill' with Tanqueray 10, Dom Bénédictine, sherry, lemon myrtle & grapefruit bitters. This is not your grandma’s tipple! Available Fri - Sun.
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The Red Centre | Tayim
Take something fancy and make it fancier with Tayim’s 'Red Centre' cocktail. This libation is made with Earl Grey infused gin, housemade grenadine, lemon juice, egg white and a special red dust garnish. This really puts the tea in martini. Available Thu - Sat.
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Three special one-off cocktails | The Argyle
The Argyle is home to the biggest night in The Rocks and they’re pouring three serious one-off cocktails perfect for starting yours. There are two espresso martinis - the cheekily named s’more themed 'S'Mores Espresso Martini' Please and the 'Poplockin’ Espresso Martini'. But the real party starter is the 'Spicy Sanchez' chilli margarita. Available Wed - Sat.
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The Lamington Cocktail | Bakers Oven
Bakers Oven have turned a normal fluffy lamington into something we can get excited about. The Lamington Cocktail features gin, mixed with a decontructed lamington and a chocolate and coconut drizzle. Available daily.
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