History Through Whisky

Deep in the Den of the Doss House a storyteller sits, candles flicker and tastings of whisky await your arrival.
We invite you to join us for a bespoke whisky event that evokes the past with every glass.

During this unique experience, the notorious tales of history will be brought to life through the glorious tastes of four whiskies. With drink in hand, your host will wind back the clock to reveal the stories and secrets of The Doss House, The Rocks and the spirited heritage of Sydney through the ages.

Included in this intimate group event: sharing platters, four select whiskies to taste and a carefully crafted presentation of historic tales to match, all taking place within the story-soaked sandstone walls of The Doss House.
History Through Whisky
7pm - 8.30pm
Thu 17, Wed 30 Oct
Thu 14 Nov, Wed 27 Nov
Thu 12 Dec
Wed 15 Jan
Wed 12 Feb
Wed 4 Mar 
Wed 15 Apr
77-79 George Street,
The Rocks
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Map, showing History Through Whisky