The Rocks / Tallawoladah Arts and Culture Strategy

Located on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour, The Rocks is a place of exceptional cultural significance to the people of Sydney and Australia. It is a place that is inherently connected to the past, and it is this connection to people, stories, culture and histories that make it special.

Art and culture can drive a resurgence of interest and activity in The Rocks and contribute positively to its reputation as a place for everyone to come and enjoy.

The Rocks/Tallawoladah Arts and Culture Strategy aims to:

  • Provide creative and memorable experiences for visitors to The Rocks /Tallawoladah that connect them to the special qualities and histories of the place – including First Nations, post-contact, and our shared contemporary experience.
  • Establish The Rocks as a cultural hub that attracts Sydneysiders.
  • Connect Sydney’s broader arts and creative community with the living heritage that is The Rocks.
  • Guide the delivery and implementation of artist led public art and cultural projects for The Rocks / Tallawoladah.
  • Reflect best practice public art commissioning processes.
  • Provide short-term and long-term opportunities for artists across the spectrum of art & cultural practice and experience.
  • Provide ongoing guidance for leasing, pop-ups and activations to ensure that tenants and partners are genuinely connected to the broader Arts and Culture Sector.
  • Establish long term relationships with artists, arts organisations, institutions and businesses that create enduring associations between the Arts and Culture sector and The Rocks.