Placemaking NSW creates, manages and cares for many of Sydney's unique iconic harbourside locations, including The Rocks, Sydney's oldest historic neighbourhood and the birthplace of modern Sydney.
The Rocks is a place of exceptional cultural significance to the people of Sydney and Australia. It is a place that is inherently connected to the past, and it is this connection to people, stories, culture and histories that make it special. Placemaking NSW helps strengthen the connection between the places it manages and the people that share them, in turn generating significant community, environmental and economic benefits for the people of NSW. 

Women's Safety Strategy

The Women’s Safety Strategy provides an actionable framework to improve the enjoyment and engagement of women, girls and gender diverse people by enhancing their sense of belonging and improving safety and access to public spaces in the precinct.


Arts and Culture Strategy

Art and culture can drive a resurgence of interest and activity in The Rocks and contribute positively to its reputation as a place for everyone to come and enjoy. The strategy aims to provide creative and memorable visitors experiences, connecting them to special qualities and histories of the place.