Reconciliation Action Plan

Tallawoladah and Tumbalong Precincts (The Rocks and Darling Harbour) Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Place Management NSW, as Tallawoladah and Tumbalong precinct custodians, are the statutory authority responsible for the management of these precincts. This responsibility covers everything from the facilities management of our public spaces to leasing commercial buildings, to running Markets and supporting community groups holding events in our precincts. We also have the responsibility for protecting and enhancing the cultural heritage of these precincts.

This RAP is believed to be the first of its kind as it is intended to sit with Country and the people that care for it rather than simply with the organisation who manages it.

The RAP covers the Tallawoladah and Tumbalong Precincts – The Rocks and Darling Harbour – both sites steeped in the history of first contact more than 230 years ago, and still with strong resonance and meaning today.  It includes actions to strengthen relationships, foster respect, increase opportunities and establish a firm governance model to ensure the Plan is carried out. It’s a significant and powerful step for the Government and First Nations people, for Place Management NSW, and for the businesses and communities in and around these Precincts towards better understanding and strong relationships and partnerships.


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