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Market stalls

A true Makers Market, bringing talented artisans to the heart of The Rocks every weekend
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A Silver Circle Design
Quirky and elegant jewellery that is beautifully handmade using a range of sustainable and eco friendly materials.
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A&A Lasota
Contemporary handcrafted jewellery made with precious and semi-precious stones.
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Adlon Goods
A timeless and elegant range of handmade leather products, including wallets, bags, belts and other accessories.
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Adri's Gingerbread
Award-winning European style gingerbread biscuits that are lovingly hand crafted and iced.
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African Heritage Trading
A broad and breathtaking range of traditional African crafts.
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AHW Studio
AHW Studio offers a contemporary and artistic perspective on vintage industrial and steampunk jewellery.
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Alex Noble Designs
Innovative and eco-friendly modular interior accessories to light up your home.
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Aloe Vera Cosmetics
Natural skincare that soothes and nurtures.
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Alouss Chocolate Makers
Artisan bean-to-bar chocolate, handcrafted with Australian cocoa beans.
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Alsa Foods
Bold and beautiful spice blends made from the world’s finest ingredients.
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Amacyn Natural Perfume
Australian handmade natural perfumes, from organic essential oils and plant extracts.
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Amaranta Designs
Beautifully detailed and handcrafted greeting cards for every occasion.
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Amazing Vitality
Offering a range of products designed to promote good health and vitality, including TumeriX.
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Ann Koh
Authentic antique wares from a century long since passed.
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Ant Haus Designs
A unique range of handcrafted contemporary jewellery, made from a range of precious materials.
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A beautiful collection of handcrafted children's wear, using only 100% designer cotton fabrics.
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Argyle Glass
Watch glassblowing at Argyle Glass.
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Arthur Ave
Award-winning, eco-friendly, vintage inspired designer clothing for children.
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