Australia Day

Tenant update

Australia Day returns to The Rocks for 2023.
Tenant update

Key Details:

Event Name: Australia Day 2023

Client: Department of Premier and Cabinet

Dates: Thursday 26 January, 2023


  1. Sydney Opera House
  2. Campbells Cove
  3. Hickson Road Reserve
  4. George Street
  5. Overseas Passenger Terminal
  6. Circular Quay East & West
  7. Tallawalodah Lawn

Event Overview:

Managed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Australia Day returns to The Rocks for 2023 with a full program schedule from family friendly activities, air and harbour entertainment and Australia Day Live show at the Sydney Opera House.

2023 is set to see the return of pre-covid crowd levels and we will be preparing the precinct resources appropriately (additional rangers, cleaners) and we encourage all tenants to review their own resource plans for the day to be ready. As Australia Day falls on a Thursday, we anticipate additional patronage across the Friday – Sunday as people extend their long weekend.

Place Management organised activity includes The Rocks Markets from 11am – 5pm along with a special Laneway Cinema screening of The Castle on Wednesday 25 January from 7.30pm in preparation for the day.

If tenants wish to display Australian and Aboriginal flags, they are free to do so for the day.


Road Closures:

For the latest information on the Australia Day road closures, please visit the Australia Day website.


Managed Access:

Throughout Thursday 26 January, there will be managed access into Circular Quay and The Rocks. All entry will be free for guests and will consist of bag checks and managing crowd numbers. The main gate for consideration is located at the top of First Fleet Park Stairs - where this will be an exit only gate. For patrons to enter the site from this location, they will be required to walk a small distance towards The Rocks Police Station or via Circular Quay Station.

Please note: Bump in of fencing will commence in stages from Monday 23 January and bumped out Friday 27 January.


Bump In / Out:

The Department of Premier and Cabinet will commence bump in/out via the following schedule with minimal to no activity scheduled over the weekends. The majority of activity will be within the Overseas Passenger Terminal precinct.

We are working closely to minimise impacts to tenants and the public where possible. Please note, some times and activity is scheduled to change.


Tuesday 17 January

DPC event compound bumped in underneath Cahill Expressway

Wednesday 18 January

DPC event compound/event control bumped in underneath Cahill Expressway
Fibre cable runs commence (evening)

Thursday 19 January

DPC event compound/event control bumped in underneath Cahill Expressway
Fibre cable runs commence (evening)

Plant deliveries 

Friday 20 January

Event compound – plant deliveries

Power runs
Small scale infrastructure movements

Overseas Passenger Terminal bump in commences

Saturday 21 January

Truss installations at Overseas Passenger Terminal

Sunday 22 January

Technical checks conducted at Overseas Passenger Terminal

Monday 23 January

East and West Circular Quay builds commence
Hickson Road Reserve fencing commences
Audio towers installed

System testing at Overseas Passenger Terminal

Tuesday 24 January

Hickson Road Reserve infrastructure commences
Fencing around Circular Quay commences
Audio towers installed

Wednesday 25 January

Large scale fencing installed
Entry marquees built
Full site activation build
Tallawolodah Lawn install build commences

VMS deliveries

Australia Day show rehearsals commence in the evening

Thursday 26 January

Event Day – refer to program

AM: Bump in for Oz Day 10K race to commence

PM: Fence line removal commences


Friday 27 January

Fencing removal re-commences
Hickson Road Reserve infrastructure removed

Circular Quay infrastructure removed

Tallowalodah Lawn infrastructure removed
Overseas Passenger Terminal bump out


Saturday 28 January

No scheduled activity

Sunday 29 January

No scheduled activity

Monday 30 January

DPC event compound and bathroom facilities removed from under Cahill

PMNSW Working Group

  • Tara Beautyman, Event Manager (0425 213 732)
  • Marko Mykyta, Senior Event Manager (0419 024 498)
  • Byron Shaw, CBRE Senior Event Manager (0421 901 271)

Attached/Supporting Documents

  • Draft site plan – Final and more official version to be shared


  • Veolia and BIC – Waste and Cleaning Management