Gannon House

You have found Building 3. Read the story below and find the secret letter. Once you have found all five buildings, reveal the secret word. Take the secret word to The Rocks Square so you can redeem your prize.
Gannon House
Note for Parents: If you have kids under 12, please read the story first and decide if you think your child can handle the content. We don't want to frighten them too much. If it is too much, just find the secret letter and continue on the hunt. 


Ex-convict Michael Gannon was a carpenter with an interesting specialty: making  coffins. This led to him beginning work as an undertaker (a natural career progression, of course) in the rear of Gannon House. Today the building houses the Gannon House Gallery, which showcases incredible Australian contemporary and Indigenous art. The spot where he tended to the dead bodies is the La Renaissance CafĂ©. From coffins and corpses to canvases and croissants – that’s what we call a step up in the world.


The Secret Letter: S


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