Circular Quay, Eastern Promenade

71 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
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Map, showing Circular Quay, Eastern Promenade

The Eastern Promenade is a paved area on the eastern side of Circular Quay which experiences high foot traffic.

It has sweeping views of the harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
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Appropriate use
  • Commercial promotions Promotional activity Commercial promotions Promotional activity
  • Events Events
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare
  • High pedestrian volume
  • Weight loading constraints
  • Consideration given to prevent event pollution of Sydney Harbour
  • Restricted access times
  • Bollards restricting access
  • No access to power
  • No access to water
  • Noise considerations
  • Limited footprint available for events
  • No parking
  • Heritage fence surrounding Sydney Cove
  • Surface


  • Toilets

    Circular Quay Train Station and Sydney Opera House (includes accessible toilets)

  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access

    From Circular Quay promenades and Bennelong Point

  • Vehicle access
    Vehicle access

    Limited access off Phillip Street (under the Cahill Expressway)

  • Parking


  • Power


  • Water


In addition to general standards/criteria, the proposed event must:

  • Adhere to a height clearance of 3.8m for access under the Cahill Expressway
  • Adhere to maximum weight loading restrictions of 13 tonne gross in the upper section and 10 tonne gross in the lower section (any vehicle over 10 tonnes must be approved by PMNSW)
  • Maintain 1 metre clearance from the heritage fencing
  • Maintain a 4 metre clearance for pedestrian thoroughfare and emergency vehicle access.