Circular Quay, Western Promenade

Commissioner’s Steps Circular Quay, Circular Quay West, The Rocks NSW
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Map, showing Circular Quay, Western Promenade

The Western Promenade is a paved area extending along the western side of Circular Quay, passing in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

The northern edge is bordered by a large fig tree.

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Appropriate use
  • Photography Photography
  • Product sampling Public product displays Product sampling Public product displays
  • Events Events
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare

In addition to general standards/criteria, the proposed event must:

  • Maintain a 1.5m clearance from the heritage fence
  • Maintain access to Overseas Passenger Terminal gates
  • Maintain a 4 metre clearance for pedestrian thoroughfare and for emergency vehicle access
  • Retain busking pitches in the area unless otherwise approved by PMNSW
  • Give consideration to nearby tenants
  • Significant vehicle access restrictions when a ship is in port at the Overseas Passenger Terminal 
  • Consideration given to prevent event pollution of Sydney Harbour
  • Weight loading constraints
  • Bollards restricting access
  • No access to power or water
  • Restricted access times
  • Noise considerations
  • Security overlay for the Overseas Passenger Terminal 
  • Limited activation footprint available
  • No parking
  • Heritage fence surrounding Sydney Cove
  • Surface


  • Toilets

    Overseas Passenger Terminal and Circular Quay train station (including accessible toilets)

  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access

    From Circular Quay promenades, Argyle and George Streets

  • Vehicle access
    Vehicle access

    Access via George Street and Circular Quay West is coordinated by PMNSW with the Port Authority of NSW in conjunction with the cruise ship schedule

  • Parking


  • Power


  • Water