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4 Hickson Rd, Dawes Point NSW 2000

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Opening Hours
6am - 3pm, Mon - Fri
8am - 3pm, Sat - Sun
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For coffee aficionados, Brulane's menu boasts a comprehensive selection of coffee varieties.

Stroll on in Brulane by Brudos Coffee, nestled in the heart of The Rocks, and enjoy the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee, crafted with passion and expertise. 

Brulane offers a diverse range of beverages and delectable treats to suit every palate, from classics like espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, alongside specialty options such as matcha and chai lattes. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate their dedication to single-origin beans, ensuring each cup is a journey through distinct and vibrant flavors. Whether you prefer your brew cold or hot, their cold brew and batch brew options promise to tantalise your taste buds with their smooth and rich profiles.

Bru;ane's menu also features an array of mouthwatering toasties, crafted with the finest ingredients. Indulge in classics like ham and cheese or cheese and tomato, or opt for the creamy goodness of smashed avocado with feta. For those with dietary preferences or restrictions, they offer gluten-free options and plant-based delights with a variety of vegan treats, crafted with care and bursting with flavor.

As you savour your beverage of choice and indulge in their delectable offerings, Brulane Cafe promises a delightful experience for all who walk through their doors.