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Home-made 'Hot' Spiced Cider with a Twist

Let it warm you up!

Introducing their newest sensation, The Fine Food Store proudly presents their homemade Hot Spiced Cider with a Twist! Patrons are invited to embark on a flavor adventure that promises to warm their souls and delight their taste buds.

Whether seeking a comforting treat on a chilly day or a delightful twist on a classic favorite, the Homemade Hot Spiced Cider is the answer. Crafted with love and using only the finest ingredients, each sip offers a moment of pure bliss. It serves as the perfect companion for gatherings with friends, cozy nights in, or simply a well-deserved moment of self-care. Guests are encouraged to come and experience the warmth and delight that await them in every sip.

Cheers to the joy of savoring life's little pleasures!

Home-made 'Hot' Spiced Cider with a Twist

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Daily from 10am available until dark

The Rocks Centre
Cnr Mill Lane and Kendall Lane
The Rocks
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