Cupán Caifé's exclusive Run Club Offer

Run with the Pack, Save on Your Snack! Small coffee & an Irish scone for $10 or $4 coffees for run club members only.
Thinking about joining the Rocks Run Club? Now's the perfect time! Cupán Caifé are offering a post-run deal that'll fuel your body and your wallet.

Grab a delicious small coffee and a hearty Irish scone for just $10, the ideal way to recharge with your running buddies. If you're in a rush to get back to the office, grab a coffee to go for only $4.

So lace up your shoes, energise your body and become part of a supportive running community. 

All fitness levels welcome. Sign up for The Rocks Run Club today! 
Cupán Caifé's exclusive Run Club Offer

Valid Dates
Tuesdays 7am - 10am