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The Cesspits and Old Rubbish program is a journey into historical inquiry incorporating artefacts, written sources, photographs, timelines and an archaeological dig site to create an understanding of the past through archaeology.

Students are fully engaged in hands-on activities as they examine the daily lives of The Rock’s residents during colonial times, comparing and identifying links to life in the Ancient World.

The Rocks Discovery Museum Refresh

Plan a full day and visit the newly refreshed Rocks Discovery Museum to complement your Sydney Learning Adventures program.  See the artefacts found as part of the ‘Big Dig’ and delve further into the history of the site, the people and The Rocks. Check out the new interactive screens and artifacts in the exhibit spaces.

Entry is free, but bookings are essential for self-guided school groups.  For more information, call (02) 9240 8680, email therocksdiscoverymuseum@property.nsw.gov.au or www.rocksdiscoverymuseum.com

Pre-recorded Virtual Online Programs now available

In addition to virtual online programs live streamed from ICC Sydney Virtual events studios, we also have pre-recorded programs available for bookings.

Here’s a snippet of the programs
2022 Online Brochure Released

Sydney Learning Adventures brochures have gone digital. Our 2022 Education program brochure is now only available online.

Download a copy


New secondary program

With an increase in interest for a secondary program at the Chinese Garden of Friendship. 'Silk Road to Gold Tracks' has been designed for years 7 - 11 History and Geography students. Students will examine the history of Chinese immigration to Australia and observe its impact on past and present communities.  

This program aims to gain an understanding of the history that has created the multicultural Australia of today. The program includes a visit to the Chinese Garden of Friendship and is now available.

For more information about this program email us at tours@property.nsw.gov.au or give us a call on (02) 9240 8552.

Groundwork Extended

Groundwork Extended (full day) program is offered throughout the year. This interactive, hands-on full day program incorporates all the components of the Groundwork two-hour program, plus exclusive access to the Dawes Point archaeological site, and a visit to The Rocks Discovery Museum to see artefacts excavated from the site of The Big Dig.

How do historians and archaeologists investigate the past? What types of questions do they ask? What ethical issues are involved in the excavation, conservation and interpretation of a site? Students use written and archaeological sources to undertake an enquiry-based investigation into topics such as the lives of real men and women who lived and worked in The Rocks during the 19th century, the impact of the industrial revolution on them, and the sociocultural identity of The Rocks.

Program components

  • archaeology presentation
  • exclusive access to The Big Dig archaeological site tour
  • hands-on artefact analysis
  • exclusive access to the Dawes Point archaeological site
  • visit to The Rocks Discovery Museum

Time: 9.30am - 2.15pm
Cost: $25 per student (minimum cost for 20 students applies)

For more information about this program email us at tours@property.nsw.gov.au or give us a call on (02) 9240 8552.

Aboriginal secondary programs

There are two Aboriginal secondary programs on offer, Giba-Nura (Stage 4, History, Science, Geography, Aboriginal Studies and Aboriginal Languages and  Mana-Nura (Stage 5 - 6 History, Science, Geography, Aboriginal Studies and Aboriginal Languages).

Giba-Nura allows students to develop a knowledge and understanding of local Aboriginal identity and experiences, and explore how to analyse historical and archaeological evidence.

Mana-Nura will allow students to explore the significant social and political events that have affected and continue to affect Indigenous Australia, as well as the local history, heritage and culture.

Primary program prices

  • $14 per student for Little Diggers; Dirt Detectives; Pieces of the Past; Gadigal Mudgin and Ngara programs.
  • $16 per student for Double Dragons program.
  • $26 per student for Stage 2 package (Double Dragons and Dirt Detectives) or Stage 3 (Double Dragons and Pieces of the Past).

 * This discounted rate will only apply when any of the two programs are booked for the same day.

Secondary program prices

  • $14 per student for Cesspits and Old Rubbish; Shopfront to Western Front; Groundwork: Archaeology at The Big Dig; Giba-Nura and Mana-Nura programs.
  • $25 per student for Groundwork Extended program.

All prices above include GST.

For more information on the programs or about 2020 program prices, email us at tours@property.nsw.gov.au or call us on (02) 9240 8552.

Get a glimpse of The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre before you book!

Check out our new video and discover why teachers and students are queueing up to experience The Big Dig.

  • Gain an understanding of what to expect at The Big Dig when you book a program.
  • See the unique hands-on learning experiences offered at The Big Dig.
  • Reveal some of the resources and activities the programs offer.
  • Preview the digsite and see the exclusive access students get on our programs.
  • See the engagement and knowledge of our experienced guide team.

Teacher reviews

"We were so very impressed with the professionalism of the program that we enjoyed, and are in awe of how adaptable and creative the team have been in such challenging circumstances."

“Thank you so much for presenting the online Groundwork program. You were able to offer our students an experience that they would not have been able to have otherwise.”

"Thank you I also really enjoyed it and will also discuss with my students on zoom. The lesson was pitched perfectly to our students with wonderful language and storytelling. Students would have found the discussion over artefacts so interesting". 

“The program was both engaging and interactive and allowed students to explore key questions which challenged their historical thinking. Characters like George Cribbs and the Foy Family were brought to life through the artefacts, documents and links to contemporary examples".

“I enjoyed it and found it quite relevant to some of the overarching themes of the Year 11 Ancient History course. The reference to Schliemann was timely as I am currently working on that topic.”

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