Studio 4

6/8 Atherden St
The Rocks

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As a way to provide opportunities for local Sydney Artists to re-enter public space, to create work and to connect with other artists post-lockdown, Authority Creative has launched Studio 4.

The Studio 4 program provides space for 4 local artists to develop and exhibit work. Want to find out more. Read on to meet the artists taking part:
Kristone Capistrano
Kristone Capistrano (1986, Philippines) is an emerging artist based in Sydney and Manila. Known for his monumental portrait drawings, his work rises out of an ‘incarnational’ tradition of Filipino figurative art; imaging the human face as a mysterious site of transcendence.

Tristan Chant
Tristan Chant (1980, Australia) is a multi-disciplinary artist working across print, collage and textile mediums.
His practice initiates a dialogue about our relationship to images and the way in which we consume them. Mining images culled from art history, adult magazines, children’s books and popular media – Chants work is at turns political, humorous, and poetic.
Filipa Tojal
Filipa Tojal (1993, Portugal) is a visual artist working primarily in painting. While using Western and Eastern techniques and questioning the differences between these two worlds, she embraces a visual and meditative process. Filipa has been exhibiting her work solo and collectively in Europe, Asia and USA and has participated in artist-in-residency programs throughout the globe including France, India, Indonesia, Germany, and Portugal.
Amy Neave
Amy Neave is an emerging artist whose work is primarily drawing based with early experimentation into sculpture. She is currently exploring the idea of women as giants and the female form as abstract landscapes. Her work is mood driven and can at times be direct."