The Crystal Gallery

The Crystal Gallery

14 Nurses Walk
The Rocks
Opening Hours
10am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri

11am - 5.30pm Sat - Sun
Map, showing The Crystal Gallery

Find artefacts and natural wonders like amethysts, topaz, emeralds and more.

Discover a world-class collection of minerals, gemstones, jewellery and curiosities at The Crystal Gallery. 

They specialise in natural crystals such as amethysts, topaz and emeralds, as well as minerals and opal fossils. You’ll also find unique stone carvings, minerals and artefacts.

As well as the delectable jewellery with includes opals, semi-precious stones, The Crystal Gallery offer colour therapy, aromatherapy and flower essences. Or you can pick up self-development books and ambience music.