Dawes Point Park (Tar-ra)

Corner of George Street and Lower Fort Street, The Rocks
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Map, showing Dawes Point Park  (Tar-ra)

Located at the northern tip of The Rocks, and beneath the southern approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Dawes Point Park is a heritage listed site which contains archaeological remains and relics, including cannons, a
guard house, officer’s quarters and underground store rooms at the former Dawes Point Battery.

The park offers unparalleled views across Sydney Cove.

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Appropriate use
  • Photography Photography
  • Individual ceremonies e.g. weddings Individual ceremonies e.g. weddings
  • Markets Markets
  • Filming Filming
  • Public gatherings, passive recreation and public view point
  • Pedestrian circulation
  • Interpretative (archaeological) remnants of Sydney’s first Fort
  • The site’s archaeological remnants and interpretative signage
  • Maintaining views across Sydney Harbour waterways
  • Noise from the overhead Harbour Bridge railway line
  • Poor telecommunication reception
  • Limited power access
  • Limited water
  • Gradient on approach from Hickson Road poses accessibility issues
  • Restrictions on structures underneath the Bridge
  • Surface

    Predominantly grass with paved pathways

  • Toilets

    George Street, beneath Cumberland Street steps, closest accessible toilets are located in The Rocks Centre

  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access

    George Street (including accessible), Hickson Road footpath and Lower Fort Street

  • Vehicle access
    Vehicle access

    From Lower Fort Street or George Street

  • Parking

    Limited metered street parking along Hickson Road and Lower Fort Street managed by City of Sydney

  • Power


  • Water

    One potable tap available

  • Maintain a 1.5 metre setback from the paved pedestrian path
  • Maintain a 3 metre setback from the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons, archaeological and interpretative structures
  • Adhere to height restrictions on structures near the Bridge
  • Obtain City of Sydney (landowner) permission for the use of parking spaces along lower Hickson Road and if required
  • Protect the amenity of public realm users and adjoining properties (e.g. Park Hyatt Hotel), in terms of event orientation, noise, lighting and environmental impacts
  • Not use pegs or stakes to secure items on the grassed area.