Hickson Road Reserve

Hickson Road Reserve, The Rocks NSW 2000
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Map, showing Hickson Road Reserve

Hickson Road Reserve is a grassy open space in The Rocks, set against the backdrop of Dawes Point and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It is a part of the waterfront promenade that links land-based activities along the edge of the harbour including Walsh Bay, Campbell’s Cove and the Overseas Passenger Terminal.
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Appropriate use
  • Photography Photography
  • Individual ceremonies e.g. weddings Individual ceremonies e.g. weddings
  • Events Events
  • Functions, Launches Functions, Launches
  • Filming Filming
  • Public gatherings
  • Passive recreation
  • Public view point
  • Pedestrian circulation
In addition to general standards/criteria, the proposed event must:
  • Maintain a 1.5 metre setback from promenades and footpaths for the purpose of pedestrian flow
  • Obtain City of Sydney (landowner) permission for the use of parking spaces along lower Hickson Road if required
  • Be set back 1.5 metres from trees
  • Protect the amenity of public realm users and adjoining properties (e.g. Park Hyatt Hotel), in terms of event orientation, noise, lighting and environmental impacts
  • Set up and pull down shall generally be restricted to the hours of 10am to 10pm, unless otherwise authorised by Place Management NSW
  • Not use pegs or stakes to secure items on the grassed area
  • The area’s public status as a primary waterfront open space
  • Location of underground services
  • Pedestrian circulation along the waterfront promenade
  • Amenity of Park Hyatt Hotel guests
  • Cumulative impact of temporary events
  • Limited power access
  • Sloping or uneven ground
  • Surface
    Predominantly grass with paved and asphalt pathways
  • Toilets
    George Street, beneath Cumberland Street steps, closest accessible toilets are in The Rocks Centre
  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access
    From George Street via Dawes Point Park, Hickson Road and Campbells Cove boardwalk
  • Vehicle access
    Vehicle access
    From Hickson Road
  • Parking
    Metered street parking managed by City of Sydney
  • Power

    Box 1 (Garden bed near Park Hyatt)
    2x 32 amp 3 phase (5 pin Wilco outlet),
    1x  15 amp single phase,
    1x dual 10 amp single phase, 

  • Water
    Portable water available