NSW Wine Cellar Door
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NSW Wine Cellar Door

Kick off your gourmet adventure at the NSW Wine Cellar Door – think boutique Hunter Valley wines you can sip, savour, and take home.
23 Mar 2024
24 Mar 2024
Step into the enchanting world of NSW’s Hunter Valley vineyards without leaving Sydney! The Rocks Markets Taste Edition weekend brings the NSW Wine Cellar Door to your doorstep. Explore a curated selection of boutique wines from renowned wineries. Savour the offerings of Scarborough Wine Co., Mercer Wines, Horner Wines, and Latitude 32 Wines, each showcasing their finest creations. This is your chance to taste exceptional wines, discover new favourites, and embark on a delicious journey through NSW's celebrated Hunter Valley wine region. 

Sample 3 wines per producer for $5. 
Located in The Rocks Markets at Dawes Point Park, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

In partnership with The NSW Wine Association

Scarborough Wine Co.

Scarborough Wine Co. isn't your typical winery. It's a story of love, passion, and a shared dream. Founded in the Hunter Valley by Ian "Scarbie" and Merralea, their journey began with a chance meeting in the 1960s.

Fast forward to the 1980s, and their vision for Chardonnay-focused wines took root. The iconic Yellow Label emerged in the 90s, solidifying their place among the Hunter Valley's finest. Today, under the watchful eyes of Jerome and Sally, the family legacy thrives.

Plan your visit to their cellar door and experience the Scarborough legacy for yourself – a testament to passion and perseverance. Discover their range beyond Chardonnay, and experience the warmth of a family-run winery.

Mercer Wines

Mercer Wines stands as a beacon of innovative winemaking in the Hunter Valley, led by the visionary winemaker Aaron Mercer. With a commitment to sustainability, Mercer Wines crafts award-winning wines from carefully selected vineyards across NSW. The Mercer family's approach combines traditional techniques with modern flair, resulting in a diverse portfolio of wines that celebrate the rich viticultural heritage of the region. Their cellar door experience offers an intimate glimpse into the passion and creativity that define Mercer Wines.

Horner Wines

Horner Wines, a boutique family-owned winery in the Hunter Valley, specialises in creating small-batch wines that showcase the region's distinctive character. With a hands-on approach to winemaking, Horner Wines delivers a range of meticulously crafted varietals, emphasising quality and regionality. The winery's dedication to excellence is evident in every bottle, offering a memorable cellar door experience that invites wine lovers to explore their passion for the Hunter Valley's unique terroir.

Latitude 32 Wines

Latitude 32 Wines, named after the latitudinal position of the Hunter Valley, embodies the adventurous spirit of Australian winemaking. This winery is known for its bold, innovative approach to crafting wines that resonate with the modern palate while honouring traditional winemaking values. Latitude 32's cellar door experience is a journey through the vibrant flavours and textures of their exceptional wine range, highlighting the winery's commitment to quality and innovation.