SLOT Window Gallery
Small gallery. Big ideas.

SLOT Window Gallery

The Rocks is home to a brand new artspace, but it’s not like any gallery you’ve seen before. In fact, it may be the country’s smallest gallery.
07 Dec 2022
16 Jun 2023

SLOT is an independent window gallery dedicated to bringing art to the street. 

Find their gallery at 23 Nurses Walk where a new piece of art will be installed every month from a handpicked selection of acclaimed local creatives. 

The carefully curated collection of artists use a variety of mediums, from sculpture and sketch, to mixed media and found items to create a big impact within a small space. 

The Artists


Annelies Jahn + Jane Burton Taylor

7 Dec - 8 Jan 
Bearing Witness, 2022
Bearing Witness quotes Paul Keating’s 1992 Redfern speech. Written with Don Watson 30 years ago, the speech recognised the significant damage done to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by colonisation. The Rocks/Tallowoladah is the location of First Contact. In this short quote from the speech, amplified as a neon light, the artists have created a personal expression of the hope for unity and the truth-telling that is happening now and is still to come. They, like us, are Bearing Witness.

Suzy Evans

11 Jan - 7 Feb 
Gomeroi attacking Makor Mitchell and hus native companion, 2014 - 2022

As Surveyor-General of New South Wales, Thomas Livingstone Mitchell mapped his explorations of eastern Australia. In a style that reflects both Aboriginal forms of painting and western art, Suzy Evans represents Mitchell’s encounter with her people, the Gomeroi, on their land in 1831. This meeting saw two of Mitchell’s party killed and forced him to return to Sydney.

Sandra Winkworth

8 Feb - 7 March 
Celestial Rocks, 2023

Sandra Winkworth is creating a piece specifically for The Rocks location, one that powerfully highlights and celebrates the everyday aspects of the local community. 

Sandra Winkworth’s work, Celestial Rocks, is a direct response to this place. During haphazard early morning walks around The Rocks/Tallawoladah Sandra has gathered evidence of local domesticity, wildlife and of travelers of the day and of the night. In her studio your litter is fashioned into an opalescent celebration of the vernacular. It is the archaeology of now - a record of our being.

Marie McMahon

8 March - 4 April
Toxic Bloom

The Bubonic Plague, a scourge that ravaged Europe during the Middle Ages, arrived in Sydney Cove/Warrane as part of a global pandemic in January 1900. Rats from ships brought the disease ashore and authorities rushed to counter the contagion by cleansing The Rocks/Tallawoladah of rats. More than a century later, Marie McMahon has rendered the Plague bacterium as it would be microscopically examined in a petri dish. The work contemplates a historic counterpoint to the efforts to contain COVID-19, the 21st century global pandemic, in modern cruise ships which berthed at the docks of the same cove.

Tony Twigg

5 April - 3 May 
Tony Twigg, 2022 

Tony Twigg’s construction from a discarded bookcase considers a material presence and its corresponding absence. It is an enigma that indicates that in absence something remains of a departed presence. It is the echo of the histories, short and long, that are ever-present in The Rocks/Tallawoladah. 

Charles Cooper

4 May - 16 June
Nurses Walk, 2023

In his two-part drawing Charles Cooper has rendered Nurses Walk, the lane leading to and from this window. He identifies the immediate past while anticipating the future of each viewer who passes. Offering a moment of pause caught between moments in time that encapsulates the reflective space of art.