The Rocks / Tallawoladah Women's Safety Strategy

The Rocks | Tallawoladah Women’s Safety Strategy provides an actionable framework to improve the enjoyment and engagement of women, girls and gender diverse people by enhancing their sense of belonging and improving safety and access to public spaces in the precinct. Delivering the actions identified in this Strategy will make The Rocks a safer place for all people to enjoy.
Developed as part of the NSW Government’s $30 million Safer Cities program, the Strategy provides a framework for key improvements, such as better lighting, signage and improved public spaces, to enhance safety and access for women and girls so they feel confident to explore the area at all times of the day and night.

The Strategy incorporates insights from women and girls from ‘walkshops’, information gathering, consultation with precinct partners and businesses, alongside data and technical analysis.

Functioning as a guiding document for all future development, upgrades and activities that occur within The Rocks, this Strategy will help all stakeholders make informed decisions and prioritise the initiatives that will improve the overall experience of The Rocks.

Current public domain improvement projects include:
  • Unwin’s Courtyard - an upgrade of lighting, improved access and landscaping
  • Nurse’s Walk - implementation of lighting upgrades along Nurse’s Walk, Globe Street, Suez Canal, Greenway Lane and Well Courtyard including public art
  • Foundation Park - lighting and wayfinding improvements