23 Apr 2024

A trio of new cafés hits The Rocks

The Rocks welcomes three new cafés, each with a story brewing. From Irish fare to artisan coffee, find your next favourite spot.
Nestled among the historic laneways and iconic sandstone architecture of The Rocks, a new wave of café culture is brewing. From the comfort of traditional Irish fare with a modern twist to the meticulous craft of specialty coffee, three new establishments are here to redefine your café experience. Whether you’re a local Sydneysider or a wandering traveller, prepare to be whisked away on a bean-to-brew adventure. Join us as we unveil the latest gems in The Rocks’ coffee crown: Cupán Caife, 4 Doors Down, and The Dose.

Cupán Caife

Tucked away within Frank Mac's on George Street, Cupán Caife is a slice of Ireland right in the heart of Sydney. Founded by the passionate duo, Niamh McAree and Gary McPeake in 2021, this café is a testament to their love for Irish cuisine, offering a blend of classic recipes and modern flair. From the comfort of boiled eggs with toast soldiers to the innovation of their Guinness-infused wheaten bread, Cupán Caife serves up a menu that's both heartwarming and hearty. With ingredients like Barry’s Tea and Ona Coffee, every sip and bite transports you to the Emerald Isle, making it a must-visit for those craving authenticity with a contemporary twist.

The Dose Café

Building on their success in Willoughby and Drummoyne, The Dose is set to infuse The Rocks with their signature blend of quality coffee and vibrant eats. Known for their dedication to the coffee craft and a menu that celebrates fresh, seasonal produce, The Dose promises to be a haven for both coffee aficionados and foodies alike. Whether it's the silky smoothness of their single-origin brews or the colourful freshness of their Japense poke bowl, The Dose is where tradition meets innovation. A visit here isn't just about enjoying great food and drink; it's about experiencing the pulse of The Rocks through a modern, caffeinated lens.

4 Doors Down

Just a stone's throw from the bustling heart of The Rocks, 4 Doors Down offers a charming courtyard escape. Whether you’re on the run and need to grab a quick coffee and pastry or looking to linger over a leisurely brunch, this café has you covered. The menu features a delightful array of options, from a classic avocado toast and hearty 'big brekky' to a simple yet satisfying prawn linguine. The salami and mortadella sandwiches, paired with a choice of Italian beers or a glass of wine, make for a perfect midday treat. Fully licensed and bustling with plans to open for dinner later this year, 4 Doors Down promises to become a favourite for both locals and visitors alike, adding yet another layer of flavour to The Rocks' vibrant café scene.