19 Oct 2022

Flavour fiesta: The best tacos in The Rocks

Fancy a flavour fiesta? To help you experience Sydney’s best Mexican restaurants we’ve put together a guide to the best tacos in The Rocks.
Flavour fiesta: The best tacos in The Rocks

Lightly charred, warm corn tortillas. Juicy fillings, dripping with flavour - from slow cooked pork to fresh diced tomatoes and crunchy lettuce. Salsa packed with hot chilli, tomato, lime and coriander. 

Something special happens when these simple ingredients come together to form a taco - a fiesta for your taste buds, best paired with a strong margarita and a little sunshine. To help you enjoy these Mexican delicacies, we’ve tracked down five of the best taco restaurants in Sydney. 

El Camino Cantina

El Camino Cantina are a neon-lit Tex-Mex bar and restaurant in The Rocks that know how to throw a fiesta. Grab your amigos, throw on a free sombrero and order from a menu stacked with delicious tacos - including our personal favourite El Mac, inspired by the delicious Big Mac.

Once you’ve ordered a taco feast why not wash it down with a tequila concoction? El Camino Cantina aren’t playing when it comes to margaritas, serving them classic, frozen or cadillac (with a shot of Grand Marnier) in more than 5 delicious flavours. 


Saké Restaurant & Bar may be a Japanese fusion restaurant, but hear us out - they serve some of Sydney’s best tacos. They fuse Mexican techniques and Japanese flavours, combining super fresh sashimi with avo cream, jalapeno and tomato salsa and an incredible crunchy shell.

And somehow these little beauties are one of the most delicious items on Sake’s menu. 

The Argyle

The Argyle is a gigantic, Sydney bar and bastion of good times, promising one of the best nights out in the city. But did you know that they also serve a banging spicy tuna taco? 

They’ve got ponzu, Kewpie mayo, chilli and delicious fresh tuna all wrapped in a super crunchy, crispy shell. They’re the ultimate drinking snack, best paired with the delicious margaloma - a zesty cocktail packed with Mexican flavours like patron silver, agave and grapefruit.