01 Mar 2024

Savour Playfair Street

Discover fresh, fast, delicious food at The Rocks’ new foodie hub.

Dive into the latest taste sensations and culinary delights at Playfair Street, The Rocks. Our newest additions, North Sandwiches & Burgers and Sushi Yuzen, are now serving up a storm, offering everything from gourmet sandwiches and authentic sushi to creative bento boxes. And there’s more on the horizon with The Dose Café set to open its doors in early April. Whether you’re after a quick lunch, a delightful dinner, or something in between, Playfair Street is your new go-to foodie destination.

Norths Sandwiches & Burgers

North Sandwiches & Burgers champions the power of simplicity paired with quality produce. This unassuming looking sandwich shop has fast become a local favourite for its tempting array of gourmet sandwiches, burgers, and salads, all made with fresh bread and rich, flavourful fillings. Choices range from the traditional Chicken Schnitzel to the more adventurous ‘Hot Bird’ (chicken schnitzel with Nashville hot sauce), Fried Sweet and Sour Pork or Bulgogi Steak. Wagyu beef, fried chicken and veggie burgers are also on the menu with an array of exciting toppings including maple bacon and grilled pineapple. Their evening menu introduces additional tantalising choices, with plans to soon offer a selection of alcoholic beverages. Plus, for the busy , their efficient click and collect system means a satisfying lunch is just few clicks away.

Sushi Yuzen

Sushi Yuzen is a welcome haven for authentic Japanese cuisine made with the freshest of ingredients. The restaurant's philosophy is rooted in the harmony of 'Yu' (close friends) and 'Zen' (high-quality, homemade meals), at this homestyle eatery. Their meticulously crafted menu showcases a variety of specialty sushi boxes and modern-style platters, ideal for any occasion, from a fast, fresh lunch to catering for your next event. The sushi boxes and party platters are perfect for lingering over with friends. In a hurry? Grab a freshly made handroll to go. 

The Dose Café 

The Dose Café, where classic brunch options like hearty bacon and egg rolls meets innovation. With a menu focused around fresh, nutritious, tasty offerings, it’s set to become your new favourite meet and eat spot. You can also expect excellent coffee, as The Dose roasts their own single origin small batch beans fresh daily. With an outlet in Alexandria, The Dose Café is already known for its friendly service and quality that’s sure to start your day on the right note.

Find out why Playfair Street in The Rocks is fast evolving into a vibrant foodie hub, with options for everyone, at any time of day. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite, a leisurely meal, or a new night-time haunt, our latest venues are adding fresh flavours to The Rocks’ exciting dining scene.