26 Oct 2023

Stock up on sustainable handmade homewares at The Rocks Markets

Buy the best sustainable handmade homewares with The Rocks Markets.
Stock up on sustainable handmade homewares at The Rocks Markets
Make your home a beautiful place to be with sustainable homewares, handcrafted by locals. Discover pretty prints to add a splash of colour to your walls, scented soaps for relaxing quarantine soaks, and eco-friendly wares to make your home more green.



RetroKitchen is about gifting something that is purposeful, sustainable and gratifying. Bring the outdoors in with these gorgeous little grow-kits, complete with peat pots, substrate discs, quality Australian seeds and a ‘how-to’ guide that includes great recipes. Easily nurture a mini garden of microgreens and micro-herbs or grab a grow-your-own-tea kit in chamomile, peppermint, echinacea and more. There’s even a mixologist’s blend so you can grow ingredients to add subtle zesty, spicy and citrus notes to almost any drink.

Beeswax Wraps Australia

Cut down on kitchen plastic and keep your food fresher for longer. Beeswax Wraps Australia are handmade using organic cloth, jojoba oil and a gorgeous beeswax blend, making them both environmentally friendly and naturally sustainable. Designed to replace cling film, they can mould to the shape of any product and come in a range of cool print designs.



‘Stooga’ means ‘cottage’ in Swedish, and Stuga Design takes its inspiration from Scandinavian ancestors to simplify the art of grooming by drawing on traditional techniques. Build a simple and effective grooming ritual with handcrafted artisan wooden shaving brushes, hand-poured shaving soaps and hand-blended beard oils, all sourced from the finest materials and raw ingredients.

Cheery Lather

Cleanse the day away, or start your morning feeling squeaky clean with Cheery Lather's impressive range of soaps. Born from her mother's secret recipe, Sasa hand makes each and every bar of soap, for a truly inguldent and personalised experience.


Little Noisy Miner

‘Accidental artist’ Adrina believes everyone can be an artist, if they just start with simple things. She spreads this philosophy with Little Noisy Miner, a collection of cute stationery and simple home décor featuring hand-drawn black and white line art. Stock up on prints, note cards, or comfy cushions and tote bags to bring a little sweet simplicity to your home.

Merchants of Nonsense

Merchants of Nonsense certainly live up to their name with their fun and refreshing animal prints, each with its own cute personality and backstory. There’s Miku, for instance, a Dutch rabbit who loves baseball, sumo wrestling and anime, especially Dragonball Z. Or Dakota, a pony from Ontario who used to be in a girl band but is now a fashion and beauty blogger. Part-picture, part-short story, these prints are a whole lot of whimsical fun.