28 Sep 2022

Find six of Sydney’s best coffee spots in The Rocks

Let us be your guide to the best coffee spots in The Rocks.
Find six of Sydney’s best coffee spots in The Rocks
There is nothing quite like a good cup of coffee. Rich, aromatic and warming – pure comfort in a cup. Thanks to our multicultural migrant history, Australia has a diverse and proud coffee culture, especially in Sydney. To experience six of Sydney’s best coffees, just take a short walk down George Street and wander on up to The Rocks. 


Bringing diverse, complex and bold flavours to The Rocks, ASLAN Coffee Roasters source their coffee beans solely from the Indonesian Archipelago – before roasting them locally in St Peters. 

The islands of Indonesia have a reputation for some of the best coffee in the world, and after a visit to ASLAN, it’s not hard to see why. Taste the heavy body and sweet overall impression of coffee from Java (the origin of the coffee nickname), smooth and supple to the last drop. Sip slowly and let the notes of cocoa, tobacco, smoke, earth and cedar wood from Sumatran beans reveal themselves on your palate. Savour the nutty, warm spice notes of cinnamon or cardamom in a Sulawesi sip, with hints of black pepper waiting to be found.  

The espresso bar at ASLAN showcases a house blend and single origin coffees on rotation, and coffees made using brewing methods such as batch brew, cold brew and nitro are also available. 


At its best, Australian cafe culture is simple, unpretentious, and downright delicious. The team at Black & White Espresso Bar know this, and strive to bring out the best of Australia’s renowned cafe culture in an experience that can make anyone feel immediately at home in one of the best coffee spots in Sydney.

Working with Single O roasters, the leaders of Australia’s third-generation coffee revolution, they serve Reservoir as their house blend as well as a host of single origins for blacks, espressos and filters.

Some (very) welcome additions to your coffee order are the hand-made Portuguese tarts; the flakiest pastries this side of the equator. Do as the locals of Lisbon do and have with a shot of Espresso.

Add this little coffee spot to your list of things to do in Sydney and you will not be disappointed.


Settle in at Creperie Suzette to treat yourself to a droolworthy selection of crepes and galettes alongside a cup of Double Roasters’ single origin blend coffee. Our top food picks include the La Tasmienne galette, made with smoked Tasmanian salmon, capers, crème fraîche and fresh dill, and the super popular La Nutella crepe (we’re sure you can guess the filling for that one). Whatever your preferred flavour, it will pair perfectly with Double Roasters’ award-winning blend, a rich and aromatic coffee that is as smooth as it is flavourful. 


Tucked away in The Rocks’ oldest laneway, The Fine Food Store is a hidden gem and a bit of a local secret, beloved by its neighbours for over a decade. From cold-brewed to single origin espresso, The Fine Food Store prides itself on quality at every step, from sourcing and green bean buying to roasting and brewing. 

All of the coffee here is roasted in-house, and with a rotating menu of single-origin brews, every day is different. Experiment with unique flavours and discover the story of each origin, guided by a seriously knowledgeable team of passionate baristas. 

Stay a while and enjoy some very fine food with your brew, including the cult-favourite chilli con carne.


La Renaissance is more than just world-class pastries, melt-in-your mouth macarons and the country’s best crème brûlée – it’s also a great spot for a coffee. La Renaissance sources their coffee from boutique roaster The Little Marionette, meaning they work with only the finest beans, carefully roasted. The Little Marionette team’s roasting techniques create full-bodied and crowd-pleasing blends, small-batch single origins and fresh filter roasts to please even the most serious coffee lover. And at La Renaissance, you can even pre-order your coffee online – perfect for those mornings when you don’t have time to stop. 


Welcome to Canopy Cafe, a coffee haven nestled in the heart of The Rocks precinct. With a mission to make a positive impact on the environment and support local communities, Canopy Cafe offers a unique coffee experience that goes beyond the ordinary.