08 Sep 2022

The Schnitzelin Guide: Best Schnittys in The Rocks

Schnitzel may be a humble dish of tenderised chicken, seasoning, sauce and breadcrumbs but when it’s cooked just right it’s a thing of beauty. Crunchy, golden, juicy, generous in size and paired with a frosty schooner - it’s the ultimate pub food. We've put our stretchy pants on and ate our way through Sydney to find the best schnitzel in The Rocks.
The Schnitzelin Guide: Best Schnittys in The Rocks

Endeavour Tap Rooms

How could you not love Endeavour Tap Rooms? These local legends are brewing delicious beer in a 200+ year old building right in the heart of The Rocks, with plenty outdoor seating for those sunny days. 

They also do a near-perfect chicken parma, which features a juicier-than-usual schnitty, a flavour-packed napolitana sauce and golden mozzarella melted to perfection. 

Fortune of War

The Fortune of War opened way back in 1828 making it Sydney’s oldest pub. It’s full of nostalgia, cheeky locals and good vibes and they serve one of the best schnittys in The Rocks.

It’s cooked with panko crumbs which makes it crunchier than your average schnitty (but still super juicy on the inside). 

The Australian Heritage Hotel

The Australian Heritage Hotel is one of the oldest pubs in Sydney. It’s also got a banging menu of over 130 craft beers, several Aussie-inspired pizzas (kangaroo, anyone?) and a perpetually sunny outdoor area.

If you’re after a classic, no nonsense schnitty this is the place to go. It comes fried and crunchy with chips, salad and your choice of sauce (go for the gravy, it’s phenomenal). 

Munich Brauhaus

If you’re hankering for an authentic German schnitzel, Munich Brauhaus is the place to go. They’ve got six on their menu, all served with fries, mash or potato salad and best paired with a pint of Hofbrau. 

The plant-based Wannabe Schnitzel is also surprisingly good so bring your vege friends and get stuck in!

The Mercantile Hotel

The Mercantile Hotel is Sydney’s oldest (and we’d argue best) Irish pub. They pour a perfect pint of Guinness, serve a hearty Shamrock pie and the locals are always characters.

But we usually visit for the schnitty. This deep fried beauty has just the right amount of flavour - perfectly balanced with a squeeze of lemon and a crunchy house slaw.

The Orient Hotel

The Orient Hotel is one of the best places in The Rocks for a drink in the sun or a big night. We reckon it’s also one of the best schnitty spots. 

Their schnitty is packed with flavour thanks to its punchy herb crumb and comes with a generous side of house slaw, classic gravy and chips. 

The Glenmore

The Glenmore is a classic Aussie pub that’s famous for its expansive rooftop terrace with views over Sydney Harbour. But we reckon the number one reason to visit is their massive, crispy schnitty.

This thing is fried to perfection, slathered with gravy and perched on top of a generous portion of chips, which some online reviews have called ‘the best chippies in Australia’. 

Three Schnitzelin Stars.