Garage 16

Beautifully unique and stylish women's clothing designed with a South American flair.

We are two Argentine fashion designers living in sunny Australia who have a passion for creating clothes that make a statement. 
We met randomly in a beautiful beach called Manly, and our interests on art and design joined our paths. Once a week, we used to get together in a garage on a street number 16 where we created art. Always accompanied by our dog Bruno, it was a place where our imagination flew with no limits. We used to spend hours talking about doing something new, something special that would allow us to develop our skills and set a trend in Fashion. We wanted to share our passion with everyone that’s how Garage 16 was born and Bruno became our logo. 
Let us take you into a world full of colours, patterns and casual vibes, but most importantly a world full of fun and innovation. Our unique and creative products have a distinctive look where we mix Australia’s “beach life” attitude with a South American flair.  You will always find, no matter what your style is a special garage 16 piece. 
Treat yourself and live freely because life is too short to walk to the beat of someone else´s drum”.