George Street Food Gallery
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George Street Food Gallery

Our latest wave of culinary pop-ups are perfect for a casual lunch, an afternoon treat, a relaxing dinner, or a weekend outing with the family.
02 Mar 2024
28 Apr 2024

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Mon-Thur 11am-7pm 
Fri-Sun 11am-late

George Street Food Gallery ushers in its next culinary chapter, following a summer of alfresco dining delights. Previously, we journeyed through the vibrant streets of Mexico with Los Fridos, delved into the heart of Malaysia with Ho Jiak, and savoured the innovative fusion of Australasia at Love Child. This autumn, we're excited to welcome back Love Child by popular demand, along with introducing a new gastronomic gem: Bird & Ewe 

Bird & Ewe

A Snapshot of Modern Australia

Embark on a culinary voyage with the flavours of Bird & Ewe. Born from owners’ Andrea and Tim's love for Australia's rich, culturally diverse food scene, this stall brings you gourmet flatbreads that are a true reflection of Modern cuisine. From the Eggplantasic to the Smoking Cow, each dish is a celebration of local produce and multicultural influences. Bird & Ewe’s journey from Carriageworks Farmers Market to their bricks-and-mortar store in Surry Hills has been fuelled by a simple belief: fresh, tasty food made for Australians. Now, they're set to share their passion with The Rocks.

Love Child

Australasian Fusion Fantasia

Back by popular demand, Love Child continues to redefine the boundaries of culinary fusion. Under the guidance of Palisa Anderson, this stall is a melting pot of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean influences, all married beautifully with Australia’s premium produce. From sustainable meats to the freshest seafood and vegetables, the induction woks at Love Child are a beacon for those seeking a dining experience that is both innovative and inspiring. It’s a place where the spirit of Australasia comes to life, one dish at a time.

Join Us This Autumn

Whether you're in for lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, or a weekend feast with the family, George Street Food Gallery is the place to be. Enjoy the casual charm of alfresco dining as you explore the culinary wonders of Love Child and Bird & Ewe. It’s a world of flavour, right here on George Street, ready to be discovered. So, mark your calendars and make The Rocks your next dining destination.