11 Jun 2021

It’s World Gin Day! Celebrate with the 10 best gin cocktails in The Rocks

Discover 10 of the most exotic and delicious gin cocktails in The Rocks to celebrate World Gin Day!
It’s World Gin Day! Celebrate with the 10 best gin cocktails in The Rocks

Long ago, monks and alchemists in the south of France created a ‘medicinal liquor’ using the distillate of grains. At the time, those crafty wee monks didn’t realise they’d just distilled the first iteration of what would soon be one of the world’s most popular spirits.

Since those humble beginnings, gin has taken over the cocktail menus of bars all over the globe. Its combination of juniper berries, delicate botanicals and high ABV makes it a formidable cocktail ingredient, and the ultimate partner to a cold, fizzy tonic water.

June 12 is World Gin Day - the perfect time to celebrate the spirit’s humble past and delectable future - and what better way to honour the day than with a list of the best gin cocktails in The Rocks! How many have you tried?

Byron Time at Tap Rooms

Tap Rooms is known for its Aussie craft brews and menu of moreish smoked meats and seafood delicacies. But you mightn’t know that they also pour a killer cocktail. Our favourite by far is the Byron Time, with apricot, grapefruit, lime and Brookie’s Slow Gin, a dry gin infused with Davidson Plum that is native to rainforests in the Byron Bay.

Hattori Hanzo at Sake

Saké Restaurant & Bar is the perfect celebration restaurant, serving elegant modern Japanese food and cocktails in gorgeous surroundings. You have to try their Hattori Hanzo cocktail, named after a famed ninja from 16th century Japan. This spicy, refreshing infusion features muddled cucumber and jalapeno with Tanqueray gin and yuzu sake, shaken with freshly squeezed lemon and elderflower.

Bitter Sweet at The Glenmore

The best way to enjoy the panoramic views of Sydney Harbour from The Glenmore’s rooftop is with a gin cocktail in hand. Go for the Bitter Sweet, a perfectly balanced and quaffable cocktail featuring gin, Campari, lemon, sugar, green grapes and rhubarb bitters.

22nd Century at Grain Bar

In the salubrious surroundings of Grain Bar you’ll find one of Australia’s biggest whiskey selections and a few very capable mixologists. Their best creation is the 22nd Century, a wholly unique gin cocktail featuring 4 Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, Lillet Blanc, Creme De Cacao, fresh lemon and house made grenadine.

Ruby Negroni at Tayim

The Negroni is the king of gin cocktails and nowhere does a better one than Tayim, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant in The Rocks. That said, we love their Ruby Negroni, a lively and refreshing twist on the iconic cocktail featuring Campari, Bombay Sapphire gin, sparkling wine and orange.

Fairy Floss Martini at the Orient Hotel & Mrs Jones

If you like your cocktails sweet, boozy and pretty, you’re going to love the Fairy Floss Martini at the Orient HotelMrs Jones. This weird and wonderful creation features Haymans Sloe Gin, Paraiso lychee liqueur, watermelon and egg whites, all topped with a generous poof of pink fairy floss.

The 12 Convicts at Sergeant Lok

Each of Sergeant Lok’s cocktails tells a story of their venue’s past as a jail, including the delicious 12 Convicts. This tipple tells the tale of when 12 common-law thieves became night watchmen at the jail - proof that all things bitter and spicy can be made pretty & sweet. The cocktail features a tasty combination of Tanqueray gin, Italicus bergamot liqueur, numbing Sichuan pepper, pink grapefruit, lime and soda water.

The Martini at the Push

The Push is an iconic Sydney watering hole in a heritage building on George Street, known for live piano on the weekends and a bar team that knows their way around a shaker. There’s no better place to order a classic gin martini than here - the things they can do with just gin, vermouth, lemon and olives are unbelievable.

With the Rose at The Argyle

There’s nowhere better for a big night in Sydney than The Argyle. Their signature cocktail list will help kick your evening off, with highlights like the ‘With the Rose’, which features a refreshing blend of Gordon’s Lemon Gin, rose, lemon and soda.

The Never Never Triple Juniper Gin & Tonic at Grain Bar

Grain Bar is a classy cocktail bar in the Four Seasons, which boasts what may just be Australia’s most extensive whiskey selection. It’s not world whiskey day though, so we’d recommend ordering the Never Never Triple Juniper Gin and Tonic. This zesty little beauty isn’t like any G & T you’ve ever tried, featuring triple juniper gin from South Australia, Fever Tree Indian tonic, an orange cube, clarified orange juice and orange blossom.

Electric Shang at Blu Bar on 36

We reckon the best view of Sydney’s harbour may just be from the 36th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in The Rocks at Blu Bar. Up here, high above the city, the bar serves serious cocktails from an extensive (and very premium) menu. Our pick is the Electric Shang, a spicy, zesty concoction with Sichuan pepper, gin, lime and grapefruit.