02 Nov 2022

Discover the best pieces of art in The Rocks

See remarkable works by some of Australia’s most prolific artists at the best art galleries in Sydney. These are the best pieces of art in The Rocks.
Discover the best pieces of art in The Rocks

Everyone should see something beautiful every day - get your daily dose by discovering the best pieces of art in The Rocks. 

The Rocks is Sydney’s most historic and charming neighbourhood. For centuries it has attracted creatives and artists, from sculptors and street artists, to surrealist painters and first nations craftspeople. 

And today this compact precinct is home to countless galleries and gift shops displaying works from Australia’s foremost artists. Don’t take our word for it - see it for yourself with our guide to the best pieces of art in The Rocks. 

Aussie icons by Ken Done

Ken Done is an Australian legend. He’s been painting full time for over four decades and has held one man shows and major exhibitions all over the world, from Japan to Europe and the USA. 

His work, which has been described as the most original style to ever come out of Australia, is on display at his gallery in The Rocks. The works on display change regularly, but when you visit look out for is Ken’s classic piece  ‘Sydney Night (1984)’ which depicts the Sydney Harbour at night. 

Untitled by Daniel Boyd at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is a treasure trove of creativity, housing incredible works by some of Australia’s best living artists. Even the wall by the entry stairs is adorned with a beautiful artwork, commissioned by the MCA in 2014. 

It consists of 18,000 circular mirrored disks on a black wall, resembling the night sky lit up by twinkling stars. 

Illustrations by Squidinki

Squidinki is the brainchild of Max Mendez and Kerry Findlay, talented illustrators and designers  who create whimsical, humorous worlds by pencil. You can purchase their artwork as limited edition prints or on everyday products like tea towels, puzzles and mugs. 

This is the perfect place to buy a gift or just take a while to appreciate the talent and browse the incredible art on display. 

Minnie Pwerle at Gannon House Gallery

In 1999 Minnie Pwerle decided she wanted to visit her grandson’s art gallery to paint. The works she created were free flowing, vibrant and full of colour - and heralded her as one of Australia’s most exciting new aboriginal artists.

Just 17 years later Minnie passed away - but before this sad day she painted countless remarkable works that were quickly snapped up by state galleries and prominent private collectors. Gannon House is one of the best places to view Minnie’s work, holding at least three of her pieces.

Original oil by Charles Billich

Charles Billich may be one of Australia’s most iconic living artists, with work displayed all over the world, from the Vatican to the Cote d’Azur in Monaco. His gallery in The Rocks has been a must-visit for locals and tourists for decades now. 

His most remarkable works are his surrealist oil paintings, many of which are displayed proudly at Charles Billich Gallery. We recommend seeing 'Distance Brings Closeness'.

Sydney city scapes by Matt Pearson

Matt Pearson is an intrepid Australian photographer who has travelled far and wide taking jaw-dropping shots from every corner of the globe. That includes aerial shots taken from a helicopter, underwater photography and landscapes from Africa to the Kimberleys. 

We love everything that Matt does but our favourites are his Sydney cityscapes including Harbour Mornings, which captures the Harbour Bridge and The Rocks in the early light. 

The animals at ATTY

These may be the most adorable artworks we’ve ever seen! ATTY takes hundreds of hours to create unique animal artworks and prints using just his digital pad and pen.

From otters, to giraffes and donkeys to emus - take one of these furry masterpieces home and they’ll become one of the family in no time.