24 Apr 2024

Find mum's next favourite thing at The Rocks Markets

Navigate away from the ordinary this Mother’s Day with curated gems, from Matt Wise’s luxurious jewellery to Bee Bowen’s nature-inspired scarves.
This Mother’s Day, bypass the expected and venture into the artisan heart of Sydney at The Rocks Markets. Here, every gift sings a story of craftsmanship, sustainability, and singular beauty. Ready to be discovered are treasures that blend function with flair, from the artful jeweller’s bench to the gourmet’s pantry, ensuring Mum’s day is as remarkable as she is.

Matt Wise Jewellery

Celebrating more than two decades of excellence, Matt Wise specialises in creating sterling silver and gold pieces adorned with meticulously selected gemstones. From refined necklaces to customised cuffs, his jewellery embodies the essence of Australian elegance, making any piece from his collection a timeless tribute to Mum’s exquisite taste.

Bee Bowen Accessories

Bee Bowen transforms Australian flora into eco-print scarves, offering Mum a wearable canvas that captures the transient beauty of nature. These handcrafted accessories stand out as statements of environmental grace, perfect for the Mum who treasures nature’s artistry.

Misiu Paper

Misiu Papier brings a playful twist to premium paper goods. Specialising in unique greeting cards and art prints, these creations are a whimsical celebration of creativity and charm. Ideal for the Mum who delights in humour and heartfelt messages.

Amacyn Natural Perfume

Amacyn crafts natural perfumes from a palette of organic essential oils and plant extracts, offering scents that are both pure and profoundly evocative. A personal and artistic gift, these fragrances are a celebration of Mum’s intrinsic beauty.

The Village Providore

At The Village Providore, artisan fudge, handmade preserves, and sauces tell a story of culinary mastery handed down through three generations. For the Mum with an epicurean heart, these gourmet creations offer a journey through flavours crafted with love and tradition.

Blue Earth Organics

Is mum a bit of an Earth Mother? Blue Earth Organics offers luxurious, organic skincare and haircare products. From rich body butters to nourishing shampoo bars, each item is crafted with ethical ingredients and care, ideal for pampering Mum while honouring the planet.
This Mother’s Day, let The Rocks Markets be your guide to the extraordinary. Beyond every stall lies a promise of discovery and connection – gifts that weave stories into the fabric of Mum’s day. Celebrate her with something as unique and memorable as the moments you share. 

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