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Experience Aesop's Newest Fragrance

We invite you to experience Eidesis, the new Aesop fragrance over refreshments in store.

You are invited to experience Aesop's newest fragrance, Eidesis Eau de Parfum, through a sensory immersion. 

Inspired by the myth of Narcisuss, Eidesis represents the mirror, with the fragrance reflecting each wearer uniquely. Enter into the aroma of sparkling frankincense, resinous black pepper and decadent sandalwood. 

There will be refreshments of fresh fruit, cheese and chocolate that complement the sharp yet fresh notes of Eidesis, as well as a sparkling mint beverage for taste.

Aesop Consultants will guide you through hand demonstrations of products that can be layered with Eidesis, bringing in the element of touch. A meditative and entrancing playlist will accompany, and you will be captivated by the intricate details and visuals of each Eidesis purchased being wrapped in cotton ribbon with a fresh sprig.

This event is free to attend. 

Experience Aesop's Newest Fragrance

Sat  22 Oct and Sun 23 Oct, 10am to 6pm.


95 George Street
The Rocks

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