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Love Endures All Obstacles Exhibition

Kathryn Dodd Farrawell is a proud Kaanju and Biri Wirri woman, artist, mother and grandmother. The artworks presented in the Love Endures All Obstacles exhibition are an exploration of her family’s history and the darker side of Australia’s past. 

Viewers will bear witness to Kathryn’s family’s first hand experience surviving a number of harrowing and traumatic events. That includes the stolen generation, and Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Acts.

These experiences cut through Aborignial communities, destroying lives, while scarring people and the land to this day. However, the exhibitions also show that there is hope - thanks to her people’s strength and bravery amidst these crimes. Love endured for generations to come.

Love Endures All Obstacles Exhibition

10am - 5pm, Fri 27 May - Fri 24 June


Kendall Ln, The Rocks

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Map, showing Love Endures All Obstacles Exhibition