Radiohead Uncovered: How to Disappear Completely
Radiohead Uncovered: How to Disappear Completely
Past Event

Radiohead Uncovered: How to Disappear Completely


1 - 10 Sep


Sideshow - Bay 43
Bay 43, The Rocks 2000

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Map, showing Radiohead Uncovered: How to Disappear Completely

Radiohead reimagined in 24 songs, 13 short films, 12 sublime voices, and live camera/visuals projected onto an enormous screen.

The haunting music of Radiohead reimagined through 24 original choral and instrumental arrangements, 12 sublime voices, stunning computer generated visuals and live camera projections, and 13 short films made specially for this unique production by local and international film makers.

An immersive musical and visual experience featuring acclaimed vocal ensemble, Eklektika, original arrangements of 24 songs spanning every Radiohead album by award winning Australian film and theatre composer, Judy Stubbs, accompanied by cello, piano and Middle Eastern percussion.

An enormous screen constructed onsite will show short films, and live projections of performers from 3 cameras, and the wizardry of computer-generated visuals to complement the music throughout the 90 minutes of the show.

Bringing together the diverse elements of Radiohead Uncovered has been a long time in the making, and a labour of love for the many talented singers, musicians, film-makers, artists, theatre designers, technicians and computer nerds who share a common love Radiohead.

A truly unique and moving film and musical experience.

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